Jonathan Toews does not want a sandwich. (svmadelyn) wrote in boxofmagic,
Jonathan Toews does not want a sandwich.


A couple of things:

1) You may have noticed that a piece of art disappeared off the archive a couple weeks ago - that would be because the artist plagiarized it from another artist in the fandom. To be honest, I wasn't really certain if it was a case of plagiarism in the beginning, but enough things added up to make me uneasy enough to take it off the archive. Then the artist who was plagiarized e-mailed me with a much dumbed down comparison that I appreciated, and it was clear enough that I wished I'd been a lot meaner to the person who plagiarized.

In summation: don't plagiarize. Take some pride in your OWN work. What's even the point of posting something that's not yours - the adulation and accolades aren't rightfully yours either, you know? And I'm a big believer in posting for a few accolades here and there, yo.

2) On a much lighter note! A couple of you have asked when you can repost your stories/artwork in your own journals...and, well, the answer is NOW. Go wild, kids. We'll have a DVD commentary celebration once Series Two starts, and I'll post some more details on that - there will be opportunities for artists and authors to discuss their work and it should be a lot of fun. ;)
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