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Puhreview: Accidental Memory in the Case of Death by derryere


Title: Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
Author: derryere
Pairing: Something about an, errrm, Arthur and a--what was it again, Mervin? Merlane? IDEK.
Rating NC1746353754.
Warnings: Uhm. Uhm. Okay. Well, porn. That should be a warning. A lot of that. Bit of dubious con, dubious reincarnation, dubious--oh, just about everything. Also a bit (hah) of angst, character death, language, boys being all rough 'n tough, or maybe just generally stupid, and word count. Yes. You saw that right. Word count gets its own warning.
Word Count: 75.5K, BBS.
Summary: Tony O does not befriend losers. Tony O is not gay, not crazy, he is not particularly nice and he is most definitely not royalty. Destiny disagrees.

Basically, this fic is the kind of madness you get whet you mix reincarnation with denial, doubt, ust, the stupidity of awkward boys and the past in general. And trains! A lot of trains :D Now that you know that, here, have an excerpt:

(an excerpt)

    Anthony inches back his face, staring at the closing door in troubled annoyance. He looks up at the dead lights again, then hisses out a sigh—shoves aside his jacket and pushes himself out of the seat. Walking towards the end of the coach he lightly pounds fists to the heads of seats as he passes, anxious as he is, and gets to the partition just in time to see the Heineken guy hop out of the open doors of the vestibule.

    Confused, he starts after, hanging on to the balance pole as he leans half out of the train.

    "Where—" he calls after and stops, incredulous, watching as the bloke casually ruffles his hair with his cigarette hand and looks around while walking further into the high-grass field. Anthony exhales in disbelief and finishes with a, "Where the fuck are you going?"

    For this he gets a short, dismissive glance. "Having a look around?" the guy says from a distance, shrugging.

    "The train could start any second." To underline this point, he leans back a moment to look into the coach. "All your shit is still in there, too. No one's gonna wait."

    "Really?" The guy pauses now, turning back to look at Anthony—two hands in his pockets, fag loose between his lips. "You think it's just a glitch or something?"

    "Uh, yeah," he replies, making it sound obvious, raising his eyebrows to it too. "Probably."

    The guy nods, thoughtfully and slowly, cigarette lifting a bit as he takes another drag. "Then explain to me, please," he says around the fag, "why in fuck's name the doors were open?"

    Anthony looks at him. He rolls his tongue, cocks his jaw, then reluctantly takes one step down the one stair of the high rung meant for boarding from equally levelled platforms. Like this, holding on to the door's pole and swaying out of the train, he peers down the length of the locomotive. For as far as he can see, all the doors are open. All the lights are out.

    They are the only ones outside, though.

    "Well," he says, uneasy. "They can still get the electricity or whatever running any—"

    The guy laughs, turning again to resume his walk into the fields. "Then by all means," he calls out without looking back, "stay in the train."

    Frowning at the silhouette retreating into the knee-high weeds, Anthony takes a moment or two to contemplate a course of action if the train really does start to move right now—would he jump back in? Out? Would he try to find a conductor, take the guy's things back home with him, leave them there, give them to a—

    "Fuck it," he mutters to himself, lets go of the pole and hops off the step, landing in the sloping gravel of the tracks, making the dust rise up around his legs for a second before he walks through it and down the continuing descent, into the grasses. Heineken is a good while away, so he tries to walk a bit faster—jogging over the uneven ground, all the while casting nervous glances past his shoulder at the train, still unmoving and dark behind them.


Last A/N: shdkfjh TOMORROW IS TOMORROW. AM EXPLODING WITH EXCITEMENT. Also, a small sidenote that isn't that important but hey, here you go anyway: the title was taken from a piece by Eluvium. It was just so much better than any title I could come up with, and WAY too fitting to pass up. And, incidentally, seeing as the song itself is pretty amazing—just about the entire plot came to be with that baby playing in the background. So, if you're interested or just want a new addition to your playlist, DOWNLOAD AWAY!

Eluvium – An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
Tags: 2009 story previews
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